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  • Start of the Orcieres's tyrolean in summer
  • The tyrolean of Orcieres in summer

The highlight for adrenalin junkies and thrill seekers : Try out one of the biggests tyroleans in Europe in Orcieres ! This tyrolean is accessible by the Drouvet telemix (1 & 2) in winter or in summer. Minimum age is 8.


The tyrolean consists of a 1870m long cable stretching from the Drouvet summit (2655m) to the Lac Long (2500m). Attached by a specially adapted harness, you travel in a horizontal position, head first at speeds of up to 140km per hr. The whole experience lasts approximately 1 minute 20 seconds.


Flying as fast as a human canon over the mountains with cliffs at your side and the ground 125m below you in places... it's a true adrenalin rush! Thrills guaranteed on one of the biggests tyroleans in Europe !

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    Tyrolienne Roll Air Cable

    L'une des plus grandes tyroliennes d'Europe . Le Roll Air Câble, long de 1,8km, tendu entre le sommet du Drouvet (2650m) et le Lac Long (2500m), vous emmène tête première pour un voyage entre ciel et terre d'1min20 ! Accès par...


    Address :

    Sommet du Drouvet
    05170 Orcières

    Tel. : 06 84 44 88 10

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    Facebook page Tyrolienne Roll Air Cable