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Night in an igloo


 The great Rocherousse plateau and the nordic village of Williwaw.


With a real nordic feel and look the Rocherousse plateau could be in Scandinavia ! A village of several igloos can just be seen poking out from the sea of white. The Williwaw village is small but there is room for everyone....


For bigger children and adults who want a real eskimo experience, there is the possibility to spend the night in one of the Williwaw igloos. Watch the sun go down over the mountains and take in the silence and magnitude of the high mountain environment.  A night in an igloo is a truly magical and humbling experience that will stay with you as a memory for life. 


"Staying a night here, is like going back in time to a forgotton world.... Watching the stars twinkle against the dark ink blue sky, with the silence so pure, it was a golden moment that we want to keep forever."

  • Williwaw - Village igloos

    Évadez-vous à Williwaw : une nuit en igloo avec un repas glagla... frisson garanti. Lové sur le plateau de Rocherousse à 2300m, ce village nordique, composé d'igloos et d'un camp 'musher', vous accueille pour une nuit inoubliable...


    Address :

    Plateau de Rocherousse
    05170 Orcières

    Tel. : 06 60 68 32 44

    Website :