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Two-wheel in winter


  • Fat Bike - © Maïdi Vandergaeghe
  • Trottinette électrique - © Guillaume La Sala

In Orcières, there are a thousand ways to travel accross the territory ! And the modes of transportation that were thought to be reserved for the summer season come alive in a version perfectly adapted to the snowy terrain.


Launched for about fifteen years in the US, the Fat Bike was originally intended to roll on the snow. His weapon: 4 inch huge tires and more... Combined with a rigid frame, ie without suspensions, this kind of bike excels on snow, sand and other soft and shifty terrain. The huge tires inflated to very low pressure, deform on barriers and coupled with very large wheels, they can tackle the most challenging terrain, more easily...


Another variation of two wheels, equally at ease on the snow : the scooter, which in its off-road version allows to walk the paths in valley. The big plus ? Equipped with an electric motor, the ride is a real pleasure !