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Childcare facilities


The children's centre - © Alban Ferrand

At the heart of the resort, the children's centre offers: a creche, games and homework club all under the same roof... all close to the ski kindergarten.


Put a smile on mum's face with a creche where little ones are immersed in their own magical world. With a large, bright indoor space, south facing outside playground with mountain views, calm rooms for naps, a dining room ......


And a caring and dedicated team to organise games, creative activities, sledging, short walks, naps... Half and full day care available.


For parents who want to go on holiday outside of school holidays and bring their children with them.... Lower prices and the pistes all to themselves ! There is a solution : "Cartable à la neige".


There is more availability on the resort ? You live in hamlets of Orcières? Then you can then use the children's nursery in the heart of the village of Orcières (5km from the station).