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Meet Opoual in Orcières !

Opoual, is a mischievous but lovable yeti who lives in Orcieres! In the company of Opoual children are invited to discover the alpine way of life, the mountain wildlife and get to know the resort through a variety of games, get togethers and afternoon snacks!


Remember to look at the activities and events programme to find out when Opoual is out and about on the pistes or hosting one of his afternoon get togethers with snacks. Opoual is a glutton, and as he is sharer, he invites children to his snacks organized each week, meeting with Opoual, photo session and games. In addition to great taste, Opoual not stay their hands in their hair! In many places, children can have the chance to shake his leg on the slopes or elsewhere.


In general you can find Opoual on the pistes every Monday afternoon from 14h30 and you can join him for an afternoon snack at the Queyrelets place every Wednesday after the treasure chase (starting at 14h30).

Discover Opoualand !

Go on an adventure with me and my friends, and discover the mysteries of the mountain imitates the cry of the Yeti, plays explorers, zigzags between my friends, is me with snowballs, you sneak through tunnels ! You think you're insured ?


Since 2009, there is a brand new piste opening for children aged between 6 and 12. It's called OPOUALAND and is a great fun run down through the world of Opoual, the yeti snowman!


Along the piste you can find snow tunnels, snow catapults and games as well as a big book explaining the mysteries of the mountains!

  • Famille Plus

    Piste ludique Opoualand

    Une nouvelle piste ludique sur le plateau de Rocherousse composée d’attractions et modules colorés pour le plaisir des grands et des petits qui évolueront dans le monde fantastique d'Opoual, le sympathique yéti 'pas du tout...


    Address :

    Plateau de Rocherousse
    05170 Orcières

    Tel. : 04 92 55 89 80