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Authentic Charm


Don't come to Prapic looking for a cathedral or castle... it's culture is far more modest - in simple words it is rich in being.


Built under the blessing of the church of Saint Anne, the classic dry stone houses, with their almost austere alpine character are evidence enough to the history of this hamlet and the tough life of its inhabitants.


Right at the end of the valley and surrounded by imposing mountains and cols, such as the Tourettes and Freissinieres (giving you access by foot to the Val de Durance), Prapic gained a reputation of being 'the end of the world, where even flies avoided!' An image undoubtedly earned by the inhabitants who have survived for generations in this remote village far away from any towns or commerce.


In the winter when Prapic is covered under a thick blanket of snow, the feeling of isolation is even greater. It's lovely to wander through the maze of narrow lanes lined by thick walled houses with their heavy snow laden rooftops and take in the peace and calm.


Prapic attracts a lot of winter walkers and snowshoers who, in search of calm and quiet, venture, with a mountain leader, up on to the plateau of Charnière. The  wildlife is abundant here; chamois, deer and birds - all seeking shelter in the expansive forest around the village.


Ski tourers also frequent the village on their journey up to the Saut du Laire and the slopes of Mourre Froid, or for bigger ski routes up to the Piniers via the Lac des Pisses.  


The name Prapic is derived from 'les prés à pic' which means 'steep mountain meadow' and true to it's origins, when winter comes, it's a ski tourer's dream!