The Hives of Orcières


Loïc Giraud-Mauduit, a beekeeper who loves his bees, offers you ‘Haute-montagne’ and dandelion honey harvested and bottled in the commune of Orcières.
Delivery possible to Orcières and the surrounding area.

Loïc takes his hives on several transhumance trips to follow the different flowering seasons, such as rosemary, lavender, mountain and chestnut.

To order your Les Ruches d'Orcières honey, contact him by phone on 06 72 15 48 73 or by e-mail

On sale in several shops in the resort.
In summer, you can find us at the Merlette market every Thursday morning.
You can also buy directly from the honey house, by appointment.

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Opening times :

All year round, daily.

Address : Bousensayes 05170 Orcières

Tel. : 06 72 15 48 73

Mail :