Le Monde des 6 Lacs


A poetic walk where nature is sublimated

Orcières innovates by enhancing the itinerary of the 6 lakes with unique creations installed along this historic hike crisscrossing the sumptuous lakes, on the edge of the Ecrins National Park. From a classic walk hatches a wonderful world : Le Monde des 6 Lacs.

As the story unfolds, you will enter the dream of a shepherd who fell asleep in the mountains. Each work is an invitation to travel, to the imagination: sometimes you will meet strange animals, you will play with water or with clouds, sometimes you will listen or simply close your eyes...​
Discover the large Lac des Estaris, the Long, Profond and Jumeaux lakes, the Lac des Sirènes and the Lac Jujal which will become sources of daydreaming.

Discover the 17 creations which magnify nature and offer you another look at the mountains.

« Once upon a time there was the story of a shepherd who fell asleep in the mountains… »


Walker enters his world, let your imagination run wild and be carried away by the beauty of his mountain pasture, at the sources of nature. Participate in his totally absurd dream in the heart of the mountain with lakes, imaginary sheep, mermaids, insects, and “very special” animals that populate his mind.

​To make the dream come true, the actors of the Orsatus territory called on scriptwriters, architects, landscapers, craftsmen, specialists in this kind of project and all committed to the respect and preservation of the territory.

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Le Monde des 6 Lacs - © Gilles Baron

Le Monde des 6 Lacs