Champoléon, a preserved valley

Close to the Orcières valley flowing with Drac Black, the Champoleon valley peacefully follows the course of the Drac Blanc, from hamlet to hamlet, and offers to the visitor a wilderness mountain, authentic, full of tradition. Plunging in the heart of the Ecrins National Park, surrounded by numerous peaks over 3000m with the highest point at the Sirac (3440m), the Champoleon valley has a ubiquitous and preserved nature.

Kingdom of herds whose tardon - spring lamb high in the mother and then in Alpine, celebrated every fall when "désamontagnage" - is the star, the valley is full of a large population of chamois and ibex. You can also get acquainted with the world of pastoralism in a fun way to Shepherd's House located at Les Borels.

From a season to another...

This valley, which has a dizzying verticality and minerality, paradoxically, is far from being elitist, mountaineering or hikers. Beautiful family walks and hikes criss enchanting valleys. Take the opportunity to live the unique experience of a night in a refuge : friendly places and events, shelters provide a total immersion in the mountain... 

In winter, the nordic domain of the Haut-Champsaur winds its way through the hamlets of the Champoléon valley from Les Garnauds to Les Baumes and allows you to enjoy the calm and verticality of its landscapes in cross-country skiing.