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What are the resort's opening dates?

This summer, Orcières Merlette 1850 welcomes you from saturday 29th june to sunday 1st september 2024.
Next winter, Orcières Merlette 1850 will welcome you from saturday 14 december 2024 to sunday 13 april 2025 (subject to snow conditions).

What shops are open in Orcières out of season?

Outside the opening periods (in the spring and in the fall) the activity in the station is slowed down. However, we suggest that you consult a list of businesses, services and activities accessible this spring 2024.


Domain & pastures

Is there still snow at altitude in summer ?

The snow cover at altitude in summer can vary according to the seasons.
We advise you to contact the Tourist Office or the Écrins National Park before setting off on a hike.

Are dogs allowed on the ski lifts and on the ski area in summer ?

The 3 telemixes are accessible with dogs only during the summer season. They must be leashed on all hikes.
Please note that animals (even on a leash) are not allowed in the heart of the Écrins national park.
You can nevertheless take advantage of walks in the Ecrins national park thanks to the dog sitting offered at the Orcières Leisure Center.

How to behave in the presence of herds with guard dogs ?

On all the mountain pastures of our commune during your hikes, you will come across our shepherds and their guard dogs such as patous or Anatolian shepherds.
Sometimes the herd is alone with the dogs. We advise you to respect the herds.


Access & traffic

Is there a charge for parking in the resort ?

In winter, the Flags (P4), Lutins (P5), Rocherousse (P7) and Place des Queyrelets (P6) car parks are charged for by the day. We invite you to park your vehicle in the Casse-Blanche car park (P1) with 700 covered spaces, supervised and free.
In summer, all car parks in the town (except car parks reserved for motorhomes) are free.

What is the market day in Orcières ?

In the summer season, the market takes place every Thursday morning from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the P3 car park opposite the Tourist Office. Parking is therefore prohibited from the night before.

How to access the hamlet of Prapic by car ?

Access to the hamlet is forbidden to vehicles.
You will have to park in the free car parks which are 300m upstream from the village.

What should you know about traffic conditions this summer ?

The road between Orcières village and the resort (Merlette) will be closed as part of the “reserved passes” event :
- on wednesday 19 june 2024  (from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
- on friday 23 august 2024 (times to be confirmed)