International Ski School of Orcières Merlette 1850


A young school made up of motivated and friendly instructors, high mountain guides, State graduates, grouped under the ESI label.
Our modern approach guarantees you a rapid progression in skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country skiing, hiking.

Our lessons, limited to 6 or 8 students maximum, are the guarantee of safety, a warm welcome and a great conviviality!
Teaching provided in French or English.
Our prices include the lessons, the medal and the notebook!
The school benefits from priority passages to the ski lifts.
The gathering of the courses is on the Queyrelet snow front.
The lantern descent, open to all, is for the benefit of the 'Enfant en Danger' association.
> Book online is the guarantee of obtaining the chosen course at the preferred times.

> Little Mice Club:
'Petites Souris' for beginners from 4 to 6 years old, on the slopes in groups of 6 children maximum. From 146 € to 185 € depending on the period.
> Alpine Skiing group lessons:
For children and adults, of all levels, lessons limited to 8 people, favoring group friendliness and allowing adapted and faster progression. From € 138 to € 172 depending on the period.
> Snowboard group lessons:
From 8 years old, limited to 8 people per lesson from beginner to advanced wishing to indulge in the joys of this eternal 'new glide'. From € 138 to € 172 depending on the period.
> Private lessons:
To benefit from the advice of an instructor just for yourself, progress in confidence, discover new horizons ... Alone or in pairs (of equivalent level), nothing better to get back on track, whatever your style of riding. sliding (skiing, snowboarding, monoskiing, telemark ...). From € 42 alone or for 2 of an equivalent level, the price is the same.
> Club 3Free (freeski, freestyle, freeride):
Come and discover in complete safety the powder outings, all snow, all terrain and the snowpark. Safety equipment provided (bag, shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver).
'3 Free' for teenagers from 12 years old and the Cristal d'Or level obtained, 8 teenagers maximum per lesson.

New: Slippery Road Paragliding point of sale!
After a few meters on the slope, on skis or snow, you will fly comfortably installed in the harness and you will only have to contemplate the resort from the sky. No vertigo in flight, just fun!

Rates :

Période hors vacances :
• Club petites souris (4-6 ans à 6 maxi par groupe) :
140€ (9:30-13:00 & 13:30-16:00).
• Tous les autres collectifs (8 maxi par groupe) :
134€ (9:30-13:00 & 13:30-16:00).
• Leçons particulières: (1 ou 2 personnes)
Avant midi : 46€/1h
Après midi : 40€/1h
+6€ par personne supplémentaire pour 1h de leçon particulière.

Période vacances scolaires :
~1ere semaine de Noël:
• Petites souris : 180€ (9:30-12:00 & 14:00-16:30)
• Tous les autres collectifs : 170€ (9:30-12:00 & 14:00-16:30)
~2nde semaine de Noël et vacances de février :
• Petites souris:
180€ (9:00-11:30 & 14:00-16:30)
150€ (11:30-13:30 !! seulement 2h de cours!!)
• Tous les autres collectifs: 170€ (9:00-11:30 & 14:00-16:30)
136€ (11:30-13:30 !! seulement 2h de cours!!)

Vacances de printemps :
• Petites souris : 152€ (9:00-11:30 & 13:30-16:00)
• Tous les autres collectifs: 140€ (9:00-11:30 & 13:30-16:00)
• Leçons particulières :
Avant midi : 52€/1h
Après midi : 48€/1h
+9€/personne supplémentaire pour 1h de cours.


Address : Ecole de Ski et de Snowboard Place du Queyrelet, Le Queyrelet II Merlette 05170 Orcières

Tel. : 06 80 57 60 30

Mail :

Website :


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