Handi ski with esf


The esf has been equipped by the Hautes-Alpes General Council and Secours Catholique with equipment for people with reduced mobility.

A Uni ski and a Dual ski for independent people, 2 GMS wheelchairs and a Gotoski are available.

For the provision of equipment and / or supervision by our qualified esf instructors, contact the secretariat of the esf chalet.

Supervision can be provided by our ski instructors at the rate of private lessons (minimum 1h30).

Opening times :

From 16/12/2023 to 14/04/2024, daily.

Rates :

A partir de 85 €.

A partir de 85 €

Address : Chalet esf Place des Drapeaux Merlette 05170 Orcières

Tel. : 04 92 55 72 78

Mail : info@esforcieres.com

Website : https://www.esforcieres.com/

Website : https://www.esforcieres.com/contact/ (Contacter)


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