Paintball - Leisure base


Paint Ball is a team sport competing to retrieve a flag and bring it back to the opponent's start zone. Players are equipped with a marker propelling paintballs.

Different play possibilities: target course for children and combat zones for adults.
New modules.
Materials provided>
• Mask: compulsory element, it protects the player's face from impacts caused by the balls.
• Coverall + disposable coverall.
• Closed shoes compulsory, pants and sweaters

Opening times :

From 02/07 to 28/08/2022.

Rates :

Combat >
100 Billes : 20€/pers
200 Billes : 27€/pers


Address : Chalet d'accueil Base de loisirs d'Orcières 05170 Orcières

Tel. : 06 70 73 80 34

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